Patricia & Anthony : Montreal Wedding Photographers: We are the Storytellers


A little excited?

Hmmmmm. Yes.

Ok. So, apparently we still have something to learn about narrowing down which photos to blog

and this is just a fraction of what we captured ….

Trust us, we barely even ::touched:: the surface here.

To the Duo: Patricia and Anthony, we hope we could do justice to your beautiful wedding.

Thank you for trusting and believing in us, without ever having seen any “Mell & Cari” work beforehand.

It truly was an honour and a pleasure to be part of your day.



breath in…

breath out…

Come with us on our journey through this very special day…

Feel what we felt.

See what we saw.

Enjoy each one of these, slowly. It really is the only way.

mell & cari – a match made in photography heaven :)

Mell and Cari were two fun loving photographers.
One day, Mell asked Cari to be her friend.
That day, a whole new world of visions and imagination started fluttering through their minds.
Weeks of sleepless nights, filled with thoughts of all the fun adventures the two would create together.
And here it begins.
The beginning of bringing those visions to life, through this new venture, We Are The Storytellers.
2 sides for every story.

Mell and Cari